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Adecco Outsourcing d.o.o.

Adecco Outsourcing d.o.o.

Adecco Group, based in Zurich, is the world’s leading provider of HR services.

Company name: Adecco Outsourcing d.o.o.

Industry: HR, Finance, Consulting, Outsourcing, Coaching

Introduction: Adecco Group, based in Zurich, is the world’s leading provider of HR services. We connect more than 700,000 people with employers daily. We operate in more than 60 countries of the world, with over 32,000 employees of experts in 5,100 companies. We adapt to the needs of our clients, offer flexible solutions and a wide range of services – from temporary and permanent employment, career development and talent to outsourcing and consulting. Adecco Group is on the list of the world’s 500 most successful companies – Fortune Global 500. Adecco Serbia is daughter of Adecco S.A., and part of Adriatic cluster, headquartered in Belgrade and with offices in Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Nis. Our team consists of more than 100 dedicated colleagues, who serve over 350 clients and over 6000 external associates on a daily basis.

Services:  Recruitment, Staffing, Payroll, Legal Advisory, HR Administration, HR Consulting, Outsourcing, Training and Development

Contacts: Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 1i, 11070 Beograd; phone: +381 11 7121 709; e-mail:; web:;;

Company team:

Nikola Milosavljević, Operations Director Adriatic

Jelena Žikić, HR Director Adriatic

Aleš Oblak, Finance Director Adriatic

Marija Ilić, Country Finance Manager

A word from Miroslav Smrekar, Head of Adriatic region at Adecco Outsourcing d.o.o.

1. What are the core values of Adecco business philosophy?

Passion – We change the world of work, one job at a time.

Entrepreneurship – We constantly take initiatives to empower people, fuel economies, and enrich societies.

Responsibility – We are the industry leader; our goal is to provide more work opportunities for more people.

Team Spirit – We work together as one team.

Customer Centricity – We live by and for our customers’ success, we want to be their top-of-mind and top-of-heart choice.

2. How do you perceive Adecco’s strategy for further growth on this market?

Reflecting emerging trends in the world of work, we have new priorities that are critical components of our future success, while reaffirming existing priorities that remain highly relevant across our business. The leadership team is very focused on implementing all of the priorities across the organisation. Our team is now, due to a market change and growth, bigger and stronger as a part of Adriatic region.

3. What is in your view the role of FIC and what are your expectations?

Adecco’s vision is to ensure that people across the globe are inspired, motivated, trained and developed to embrace the future of work. To be in environments where they are empowered to thrive, stimulated to succeed and given every chance to make their individual futures better and brighter than ever before. Since FIC is a voice of business community and promotes a solid business ethics and high corporate governance principles, Adecco supports FIC in a goal to make Serbia’s economy more attractive for investments by simplified rules and increased predictability.