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White Book Executive Summary

White Book Executive Summary

White Book Executive Summary is introduced as a separate edition in 2018, under the name WB Essentials. It provides overview of White Book, main findings, presentation of FIC index and info on the areas which made the most and least progress between two editions. As such, it can serve as a good insight into the publication for the wide audience. It is also distributed in limited print edition, unlike the White Book that is from the 2018 almost exclusively digital edition.

White Book Essentials 2023

FIC Index 2023 ENG

FIC Indeks 2023 SRB


White Book Essentials 2022

White Book Essentials 2021

White Book Essentials 2019 & Bela knjiga – Rezime 2019

WB Essentials 2018 & BK Rezime 2018