Foreign Investors Council
47, Gospodar Jevremova Street, IV Floor, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 3281 958, 3281 965



The Assembly gathers all Council members and decides of issues of strategic importance. It convenes once a year for a regular meeting, usually in December, while the extraordinary meeting can be held on the request of the Board of Directors or members. Assembly competences include:

  • To define the general guidelines, long and short-term plans, programmes and concrete goals for Council activities, as well as other acts, at the proposal of the Board of Directors
  • To decide on joining alliances, as well as on status changes and termination of the activities of the Council
  • To adopt any Statute changes
  • To appoint and relieve the Board of Directors
  • To adopt the annual report on Council activities and discuss and adopt the financial plan and report
  • To define and adopt decisions on the amount of Council admission and membership fees
  • To veto decisions of the Board of Directors which exclude existing members of the Council

Please find bellow more info about the previous Assembly Meetings, and for materials from previous meetings see here.

General Assembly 2023

General Assembly 2022

General Assembly 2021

General Assembly 2020

General Assembly 2019