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Guillotine project to cut unneeded bureaucracy and by this ease doing business in Serbia is a World Bank project launched within the Economy Ministry in late 2008. Within the project FIC made 119 recommendations, out of which 77 were adopted and 35 fully implemented. Important efforts were invested in the project in order to perform the detailed analysis of the regulatory framework and produce concrete recommendations for either improvement or cancellation of the certain regulations. Work was performed within special working groups for tax, customs, and telecommunications established for that specific purpose, as well as within HR Committee.

As those results show, the project had positive impact, but remained unfinished. Therefore, FIC pleads for its re-launching to finish the task to the benefit of the economy as a whole.

For list of proposals and status of the recommendations please see the documents bellow.

Customs (in Serbian)  |  [220kb,  pdf]

Labour (in Serbian)  |  [135kb,  pdf]

Taxation (in Serbian)  |  [881kb,  zip]

Telecommunications (in Serbian)  |  [153kb,  pdf]

FIC gave proposals in the following sectors: taxation (77), customs (22, out of which 2 implemented), labour Regulations (18), telecommunications (7).