Foreign Investors Council
47, Gospodar Jevremova Street, IV Floor, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 3281 958, 3281 965

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors consists of six (6) to eleven (11) members. Seven (7) members of the Board of Directors are elected as a team while four (4) members of the Board of Directors are ellected individually. Each Council member, except Council members nominated within a team, may submit individual nomination for the positions of four (4) members of the Board of Directors. A Board member must be represented by a representative of the legal entity provided by law. Four (4) individual candidates who have won the largest number of votes will be elected as a members of the Board of Directors. In case of a hung vote between individual candidates, which would lead to more than four individually elected members of the BoD, voting shall be repeated between candidates with the equal number of votes. In case of a hung vote during repeated voting, the President of the Assembly has a deciding vote.

Board of Directors President acts as FIC President, which means he/she provides general leadership of the Council and is entitled to legally represent the Council. Team also includes two Vice Presidents, with one serving as a President substitute and other is elected to speak on behalf of FIC and present FIC in public.

Board of Directors determines main course of action of the association and shapes its position in relation to the changes in the business environment. It holds regular monthly meetings and extraordinary meetings if needed.

Current President of the Foreign Investors Council is Yettel CEO Mike Michel. A1 Srbija and A1 Slovenija CEO Dejan Turk is FIC Vice President acting as substitute to President, while Roche General Manager Ana Govedarica is FIC Vice President spokesperson. For more info about the current Board, please see bellow.

The Board:

  • approves programs and development plans as well as decisions on opening or closing branches
  • adopts organisational rules and Rules of procedure for its activities and ensures compliance with the Statute and implementation of decisions
  • appoints FIC Executive Director
  • decides on the FIC involvement in organization and participation in the public events, on cooperation with other organizations and institutions and FIC membership in other Serbian or international non-profit organizations
  • adopts and submits the annual report on FIC activities to the Assembly, including individual reports of specialized working committees and reports on other activities, which can be requested by the Assembly of the Council
  • approves the basic structure and functioning principles of specialized working committees and relieves their presidents and vice presidents
  • adopts all policy views and specific positions formulated by the committees before they are shared with Government and other stakeholders
  • manages FIC assets, which includes decisions on the use of assets in order to protect and increase them
  • adopts FIC draft annual budget and report of its implementation, proposes changes such as introduction of new expenditures and changes of the amounts or payment of membership fees and submits them to the Assembly

For in detail information about the functioning of the BoD, please see Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors. 

Dejan Turk

A1 Srbija and A1 Slovenija, Vice President - Substitute

Matteo Colangeli

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Board Member