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White Book

White Book Project

Published yearly since 2003, White Book is a proclamation of the private sector on the business climate in Serbia, transparent FIC platform for dialogue with the authorities and a practical set of recommendations to the authorities. Its goal is to enable removing unneeded barriers and make doing business in Serbia easier, thus enabling better inflow of investments. It is promoted every year in the fourth quarter at the prestigious high-level event.

Its launch is among most prestigious events in business community and every year gathers highest Government officials, important stakeholders and more than 500 guests. Widely used and cited in business community and international organizations.

White Book:

  • Gives overview of the current situation of the legislative framework in a large number of fields
  • Tracks developments in all important segments of regulatory framework: from overall legal framework, corporate law, competition protection, taxes, environment to specific sectoral issues
  • Draws attention to the issues to be addressed
  • Sets practical recommendations for the improvement of business climate
  • Measures progress expressed as a percentage of recommendations addressed in the 12 months since the previous edition in a so-called ‘’Score card’’
  • Puts emphasis on further progress of Serbia towards integration into the European Union, the infrastructure reform, free market development and implementation of legislation

The process of White Book drafting guarantees its relevance. It is a fruit of engagement and expertise of numerous FIC members operating in a variety of fields addressed in the publication. FIC membership is highly engaged in a consultative process that lasts several months while  FIC Committees have key role in the drafting process. Authors of specific texts are employees of FIC members, experts and practitioners at the same time, who have good insight in the implications of legal solutions in everyday business dealings in Serbia. Before publishing, texts are submitted to voting in the Committees. After committees’ endorsement, texts are published at secured pages at FIC web site and are for certain period of time open for membership comments before their publishing. FIC Board of Directors review and approve draft White Book prior to its publishing and public promotion.

White Book is free to download. Permission is also given for using, citing, copying and distributing for non-profit uses in any medium without fee, royalty and formal request to FIC provided that the Foreign Investors Council’s copyright is acknowledged and attributed of the source given. For more info about the White Book Launch Events please click here.