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Pharma Committee Chairpersons Elected

Pharma Committee Chairpersons Elected

Pharmaceutical Industry Committee Chairpersons were elected at the Committee meeting on March 27. Danilo Mijušković from Merck has been elected as President, while Jelena Mlinarević from Phoenix Pharma has been elected as Vice President. We therefore use this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to Danilo and Jelena for accepting the roles of Pharma Industry Committee Chairpersons, thus committing themselves to two years of investing significant energy and efforts to the Committee’s work. Special thanks go to former Committee President Radomir Cerović from Roche for investing his time and energy into the FIC platform!

Danilo is responsible for Government affairs in pharmaceutical company Merck since September 2022. He has extensive experience in different sectors and markets in the pharmaceuticals business. From April 2021 he was at the position of the Production Manager Fertility at Merck, and prior to that since November 2017 he served as the Key Account Manager Fertility at Merck. He also has experience from Montenegrin market where he worked as representative of pharmaceutical company Servier on various positions from September 2013 to November 2017. Danilo was previously engaged within FIC as a member of the Pharma and Industry Committees.

Jelena is a Compliance Manager for the Phoenix group companies in Serbia since February 2024, and was appointed a Public Affairs Manager in 2023. Jelena has been in Phoenix Group since 2016. She has been working in the pharmaceutical sector as a lawyer since 2007 and has extensive knowledge in the health care/insurance and pharma sector and experience with drafting proposals and initiatives to improve business conditions in Serbia.

Key topics in the Committee’s two years agenda include: Systematic allocation of funds by Republic Fund of Health Insurance for the introduction of innovative drugs every year; Transparency and predictability of the process of entry of medicines into the Reimbursement List; and Participation of all relevant stakeholders in FIC working groups.