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Foreign Investors Council
47, Gospodar Jevremova Street, IV Floor, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 3281 958, 3281 965
e-mail: office@fic.org.rs


FIC Recommends

26. October 2018.

2018 SEE NPL Forum

The 2018 SEE NPL Forum will be held on 26 October 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade in organization of New Angles Consulting.



  •          Banking sector – how far has consolidation gone and what does it mean for SEE NPL market in the future?
  •          What obstacles remain in order to further lower NPLs in SEE countries – regional overview?
  •          What are the effects of off-balance NPL for overall economy, and how to move things forward
  •          What is the state of national NPL portfolios – strategies moving forward?
  •          Bankruptcy law enforcement – regional experience
  •          Participants:
  •          The South East Europe NPL forum is a unique opportunity for your organisation to connect with leading banking professionals, regulators, turn-around management professionals, investors and appraisers active in NPL sales and acquisitions.
  •          What lies ahead and do we still have major deals ahead of us?
  •          Synthetic structuring – why does it work?
  •          Who will invest in SEE NPLs in 2018?
  •          The need for servicers – what’s the next move?
  •          Are secondary markets on the rise? Experience from the region
  •          Secondary market impediments – what needs to be done?
  •          One size doesn’t fit all – what types of asset classes are the next hot investments?
  •          Real Estate funds – new players in the region?
  •          How to navigate the sellers’ market – pricing gaps in 2018?
  •          Pre-workout and workout – best practices?
  •          Investing in retail NPLs – a business opportunity for the banking sector?
  •          Can banks be retail NPL investors?
  •          Assessing the effect of EU implemented regulations (EC, ECB, EBA, etc.) on EU and non-EU countries?
  •          Building internal capacities for better management of NPLs and restructuring
  •          Underlying assets – has EC asset classification helped banks and did it have an effect on attracting investors?
  •          IT solutions
  •          Strengthening the legal framework for bankruptcy, insolvency and pre-bankruptcy proceedings – regional examples
  •          Corporate restructuring - building up skills and capacities of workout professionals, insolvency office holders and members of the judiciary.
  •          Reform of land registries – regional experiences.
  •          Valuating collaterals – the state of the real estate market
  •          Out-of-court debt restructuring – the way out?


The 2018 SEE NPL Forum will look at the what is coming next in the SEE NPL market? The focus of NPL market players is shifting as deal volumes and transaction pipelines slow down. Instead of looking for high profile portfolio disposals, investor focus is emerging in the areas such as retail mortgages, the development of secondary markets and setting up regional servicing platforms. Additionally, as bank consolidation across the region continues, preventative measures for the in-house management of problematic assets have gained importance along with financial and corporate restructuring initiatives. What does this mean for the SEE NPL market? Will we continue to see big portfolio transactions and what types of asset classes are the next hot investments? There is much that remains to be done in the countries of South East Europe to resolve the NPL issue and to work towards effective prevention.

Members of the Foreign Investors Council in Serbia will receive an 15% discount on the participation fee.


Hyatt Regency Hotel, Belgrade


26 October 2018

If interested to participate, please fill in the application form (write the “FIC member’’ next to the company name) and send it via email directly to the organizer – office@seenplforum.com.


To learn more about the Forum, visit www.seenplforum.com  or contact the organizer:

New Angles Consulting


T: +381 11 409 0532


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