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Meet The Winners Of The Generator Gamechanger Competition

More than 170 participants applied for the OTP banka’s Generator competition, which supports digital projects that help small and medium enterprises overcome the consequences of the crisis caused by the corona virus, out of which ten semifinalists and subsequently six finalists advanced to the next stage. At the final online event, the jury selected two winners who won one million dinars each for the further development of their projects.

BELGRADE – October 15, 2020 – Generator Gamechanger This year’s OTP banka’s competition supported digital projects – websites, applications and other digital platforms – that help and offer new opportunities to SMEs to overcome the challenges they have faced in the pandemic. From more than 170 entries, the jury selected ten semifinalists who were awarded a media promotion so that as many people and small and medium enterprises as possible could hear about their project. After that, at a large-scale online event, six finalists were selected, out of which the jury chose one winner in each category – new idea and existing solution.

Your Pet World, the winning new idea is an intermediary-type portal that would bring together the two connected groups for the first time in the region. On the one hand, the database would include all service providers in five industries – groomers, sitters, boarding kennels, veterinarians, trainers, and on the other hand dog and cat owners who could choose the most cost-effective and transparent services in a location that suits them best.





Zanateria, the winning existing solution, is an online platform that brings together all small domestic producers who cannot enter large distribution chains. On Zanateria platform, clothes, shoes, furniture, household items, natural cosmetics, food, drinks, products for children and babies, for pets, as well as books, comics and music editions of small publishers are sold.

Selected semi-finalists and finalists were also awarded by the partners of the competition. Vojvodjanska banka awarded the ReportNest project the MasterCard payment card with the available amount of RSD 200,000 ready to be used, as well as a virtual visit to the OTP Lab, the head office of the OTP Group for Innovation in Budapest, where the awarded team will have the opportunity to get acquainted with OTP Lab programs, present their project and thus potentially cooperate with OTP Group. ICT HUB, the centre for technology entrepreneurship and innovation, awarded the Bizplaner project the free use of coworking space for the entire team for six months, membership in the eHub platform and access to all educational content and maps for the next Corporate Innovation Conference. The TeleGroup company also awarded Zanateria and Your Pet World projects a 50% discount on the consulting service of researching the needs of customers and defining inputs for further development of solutions to the finalists. The Belgrade Open School and the Eneca organization awarded the prize to the Dr Agro, Your Pet World and Stari Zanati projects, which won mentoring and consulting in the field of strategic planning, finance and sources of financing and marketing and sales.

Since the grand finale of the Generator event was organized online for the first time due to the epidemiological situation, OTP banka donated the money intended for the cocktail reception to Cafe Bar 16, which employs young people from the drop in shelter Svratište and provides them with social inclusion.

Please find more information on the Generator website.

About the Generator project:

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Serbian entrepreneurship, the Generator project was carefully designed and launched in 2017, and it brings together the initiatives and activities that encourage innovative entrepreneurial ventures. In the same year, Generator supported 40 entrepreneurial innovations through financial support, promotion and mentoring. The winner received one million dinars, and almost 800 innovators submitted their ideas. In the following year, 2018, the best student entrepreneurial innovations were awarded, and last year Generator 2.0 was intended for the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises. At the end of 2019, within the Generator project, OTP banka launched the Good Deed Generator initiative, which supports social entrepreneurship.

Together. We move things forward.

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Metropol Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Belgrade is Open Again!

Experience the stunning Metropol Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, in the very center of the city. With its park surroundings, exceptional accommodation and impeccable service, Metropol Palace offers you an unforgettable Belgrade experience. This striking hotel first opened in 1957, welcoming throughout its existence the city’s elite, culturally influential people and foreign guests.

Apart from the luxurious accommodation, guests can indulge in a sumptuous dinner, enjoy a drink at noon or a nightcap at the Red Parallel Lounge.

You can host an event or meeting at one of many event halls and ballrooms.

As gem of modern Belgrade, hotel features 236 beautifully designed rooms and suites, unique restaurant with park view, and oasis of tranquility and elegance, a 25m long pool.

Link for more info is below.


Newsletter  |  [1642kb,  docx]

New President of the Executive Board of API Bank

Valery Ovsyannikov has been the President of the Executive Board of API Bank since July 2021. He has many years of experience in the development of international, corporate, and retail banking, as well as in the management of small, medium and large banks, both in Russia and internationally, in different market circumstances. For the last 15 years, he has held the positions of President of the Executive Board of many banks, including VTB Bank in Armenia, Sber Bank in Serbia and the Russian Globex Bank. With his unique expertise and proven competence, he contributes to the API brand in the field of development of adequate market niches and modern banking services on the Serbian market: “Flexibility is a key factor in development, and it is the way in which API Bank with its professional team will meet the needs of clients.”

Nokia sets sights on leading a world where networks meet cloud #MWC23

Nokia sets sights on leading a world where networks meet cloud #MWC23

  • Shares refreshed company strategy to deliver sustained long-term growth.
  • Pioneers technology leadership to realize the exponential potential of networks and meet the future needs of the metaverse.
  • Unveils a renewed brand signaling focus on B2B technology innovation to drive digitalization across every industry.

26 February 2023

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced at MWC Barcelona 2023 an updated company and technology strategy, and unveiled a refreshed brand, as part of its long-term strategic transformation.

Companies across every industry are looking to digitalization to improve efficiency, flexibility and productivity in a sustainable way. Networks are fundamental to this transformation, and Nokia is uniquely positioned with its best-of-breed portfolio across fixed, mobile and cloud networking technologies.

Pekka Lundmark, President and CEO of Nokia, said: “We see the potential of digital to transform business, industry and society with an opportunity for significant gains in productivity, sustainability and accessibility. Our market-leading critical networking technology is increasingly needed by customers and partners in every industry. We see a future where networks go beyond connecting people and things. They’re adaptable, autonomous and consumable. They are networks that sense, think and act, and they maximize the opportunity of digitalization.

“Today we share our updated company and technology strategy with a focus on unleashing the exponential potential of networks – pioneering a future where networks meet cloud. To signal this ambition we are refreshing our brand to reflect who we are today – a B2B technology innovation leader. This is Nokia, but not as the world has seen us before.”

Refreshed company strategy
Nokia continues to execute against its three-phased strategy to deliver sustainable, profitable growth. Having completed the reset phase, Nokia will continue to accelerate while laying the foundation for the scale phase as an undisputed technology leader and having broadened its customer base. Today’s announcement supports Nokia’s long-term financial targets which were re-iterated with Q4 2022 financial results.

Nokia’s refreshed company strategy is focused on further acceleration across six pillars:

  • Grow market share with service providers, driven by continued technology leadership;
  • Expand the share of Enterprises within its customer mix;
  • Continue to manage its portfolio actively, to ensure a path to a leading position in all segments where it decides to compete;
  • Seize opportunities from sectors beyond mobile devices to monetize Nokia’s IP and continue to invest in R&D for Nokia Technologies;
  • Implement new business models, such as as-a-Service; and
  • Develop ESG into a competitive advantage and become the “trusted provider of choice” in the industry.

To deliver these pillars Nokia has four key enablers: develop future-fit talent; invest in long-term research, especially in key domains such as 6G; digitalize its own operations to further improve agility and productivity; and refresh the brand.

Technology strategy
Nokia’s updated technology strategy details how networks will need to evolve to meet the demands of the metaverse era.

As the world evolves to increasingly rely on connectivity, the network will become the underlying fabric to everything digital where network performance and consumability will have equal weight and importance. The qualities of traditional networking will be required to integrate with the flexibility and scalability of cloud.

These networks that sense, think and act have the potential to bring the transformative power of networking to every industry.

Nokia is well positioned to lead this transformation through its expansive best-of-breed portfolio and industry-leading disruptive research from Nokia Bell Labs. Today at MWC, Nokia launched a new slate of products and services to demonstrate and enhance its technology leadership.

Brand refresh
In line with its updated company strategy, Nokia is refreshing its brand to signal who it is today: a B2B technology innovation leader realizing the potential of digital in every industry. The new brand asserts the value Nokia brings in networking expertise, technology leadership, pioneering innovation and collaborative partnership.

The company’s new logo is emblematic of an energized, dynamic, and modern Nokia, demonstrating its values and purpose. It has been designed as a symbol of collaboration, which Nokia believes to be critical for realizing the exponential potential of networks: unlocking gains in sustainability, productivity, and accessibility.

Resources and additional information
Webpage: Brand Visuals in Nokia Newsroom

Meet us at Mobile World Congress 2023 #MWC23:

About Nokia
At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together.

As a B2B technology innovation leader, we are pioneering networks that sense, think and act by leveraging our work across mobile, fixed and cloud networks. In addition, we create value with intellectual property and long-term research, led by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs.

Service providers, enterprises and partners worldwide trust Nokia to deliver secure, reliable and sustainable networks today – and work with us to create the digital services and applications of the future.

Media inquiries
Nokia Communications
Phone: +358 10 448 4900
Maria Vaismaa, Global Head of Public Relations

OTP banka gives two million dinars for product development solving rapid spoilage of fruits and vegetables

Project B-fresh, winner of the Generator Zero Competition

Belgrade, 18.03.2022 – Project B-fresh, that solves the problem of rapid spoilage of fruits and vegetables, is the winner of the Generator Zero entrepreneurial competition of OTP banka Srbija, dedicated to supporting and rewarding the best solution for reducing the carbon footprint, as one of the biggest challenges of today. A total of 72 solutions applied for this year’s competition, while 10 of them entered the finals. The winning team won two million dinars, as well as the support of OTP banka in further project realization and promotion.

Driven by the fact that a third of food produced globally ends up as waste, which affects CO2 emission, the domestic startup B-fresh Technologies has developed a product that extends the life of fruits and vegetables, which accounts for as much as 40 percent of that waste.
The B-fresh spray is an innovative, environmentally friendly solution that emulsifies the interior of existing packaging, such as plastic, cardboard, paper boxes or wooden crates.                                                                                                                                                                                  As a leading creditor of the corporate and retail sector and a market leader in factoring, leasing and e-commerce services, OTP banka has been working for years on promoting and supporting innovation and domestic entrepreneurship, and the Generator Zero is one of the most important projects in this field.

“The Generator is a competition that has been growing from year to year. It is the result of our thematically monitoring market trends and needs. In this way, thanks to its constant relevance, we manage to present a large number of promising and innovative projects every year. Climate change and global warming are probably the greatest challenge for humanity in the 21st century. As difficult as it is to predict what awaits us in the years to come, one thing is certain: every contribution matters. In other words, each and every one of us should take responsibility and do everything we can to fight for a sustainable future. That is why, we at OTP banka, are strategically focused on the green transition with the objective to not only improve our operations in the direction of environmental sustainability, but to also motivate all our clients to do the same. One of our most important activities on this path is the Generator Zero project, which we have dedicated this year to the topic of reducing the carbon footprint, as one of the key causes of global warming. In this way, we want to motivate and encourage innovators to offer us new and creative solutions and thus engage in a common fight for a better future”, said Predrag Mihajlović, President of the Executive Board at OTP banka Srbija.

The number and quality of applications evidence the importance of this topic, while the jury had a real challenge to select the best project from the 10 that entered the finals.

I would like to congratulate the winning solution B-fresh. To choose the best project was not an easy task at all. All finalists were really great, so participating in this demanding and extremely uncertain process of choosing the winner was a real pleasure and a great experience. I would like to thank all participants for the innovation and creativity they presented. We are glad that the topic proved to be so inspiring, which gives all of us at OTP banka an extra tailwind to continue with activities that contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. We will provide large support to the winning solution in the upcoming period, working together on its development and promotion. We believe that this will contribute to inspiring new creative projects in future editions of the Generator”, said Vuk Kosovac, member of the Executive Board at OTP banka Srbija for Retail Banking and president of the jury for selecting the winner.

Zorica Branković, representative of startup B-fresh Technologies, this year’s winner of the Generator Zero competition, thanked OTP banka for the award and won first place and congratulated on the excellent organization and finals of the competition. “We are very honoured for winning the first place and main prize at this prestigious competition. Participating in the competition was a fantastic experience that allowed us to meet great teams with whom we plan more intensive cooperation. We would also like to thank the members of the professional jury, top experts in the field of business, for recognizing the importance and potential of our product”, Branković said.

How does the B-fresh spray work? The inside of the packaging is sprayed and an insoluble and transparent layer is formed while drying, thanks to which the shelf life of food is extended. The emulsion is based on biopolymers, i.e. natural materials, chitosan and gelatine, and all its components are on the so-called GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list, which means that they are safe for human use and have no negative impact on the environment. The presence of this protective layer does not affect the look of the packaging.

The Bank supported this year’s finalists by presenting them on its communication channels, and the winner, in addition to winning a cash prize, will also receive long-term advisory support, as well as presentation of the solution in OTP Lab Innovation Hub of the parent OTP Group and in the Portfolion Investment Fund.

The project partners, members of which comprised the professional jury, also awarded the finalists, namely:

Mastercard awarded the solution “Od tradicije do zelenije budućnosti” (engl. From tradition to a greener future) of the Bifrost Bioplastic team with EUR 5,000, while the SRBIJA INOVIRA (engl. SERBIA INNOVATES) project will provide this startup with access to funding and its consulting support.



Schneider Electric donated computer equipment to the Buttsy NFT team for their solution, while Robert Bosch presented a prize of 200,000 dinars for project “Samoodrživi staklenik sa komposterom” (engl. Self-sustainable greenhouse with composter) to company Bit inženjering.

ICT Hub dedicated three months of co-working space, the opportunity to present itself to the ICT HUB Venture Fund, consultations and networking with partners from the FMCG industry to startup Eat Me App for their solution bearing the same name, while Netokracija will provide valuable media support to this project.

The initiative DIGITALNA SRBIJA (DIGITAL SERBIA) awarded the project “Cloud city” coming from startup Smart City Technologies with mentoring and access to business angels, and the Belgrade Open School (BOŠ) donated valuable mentoring and support to the Association for Supporting Persons with Developmental Disabilities “Naša kuća” (Our House) for the project of handmade paper and packaging.

About the Generator

The Generator is a multi-year project of OTP banka intended for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, startup companies, startup informal teams and entrepreneurs wishing to contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint with their ideas and projects, one of the biggest challenges of today. The project has been running since 2017 and has so far supported innovative entrepreneurial ideas, students with entrepreneurial innovation, helped small and medium-sized enterprises to digitally transform and rewarded those entrepreneurs who helped micro, small and medium-sized enterprises overcome the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

About OTP banka Srbija

OTP banka is the largest creditor of the corporate and retail sector and a market leader in factoring, leasing and e-commerce services. It is focused on innovation and digitalization of its operations, which provides customers with new benefits with a focus on enhancing digital banking and user experience. One of the key strategic directions is the green transition, i.e. commitment to sustainable business and environmental projects. Thanks to the presence of OTP banka in 91 cities with 184 branches, clients across Serbia have access to a wide range of products and services, as well as efficient service and offers tailored to their specific needs, while the network of almost 300 ATMs is the largest in our country.

OTP banka launches Generator Zero


Belgrade, November 18, 2021 – One of the key strategical orientation will be marked by the “green transition” in business and by commitment to sustainable business and environmental sustainability, as confirmed by the topic of the new Generator Zero entrepreneurship contest, officially opened today.


Generator Zero is dedicated to supporting and rewarding innovative sustainable solution projects with real and measurable effect on decreasing carbon footprint – one of today s main challenges. The contest opened from November 17 for micro, small, medium and startup companies, informal start teams and entrepreneurs, which may apply through website Generator by December 20, 2021 at midnight.

The bank is looking for solutions that have a clear plan of the necessary resources and funds for its realization, and priority will be given to those whose realization is possible within six months from the moment of receiving the award.

The jury will select the finalists from the received applications and all of them will be rewarded with media promotion and promotion on the Bank’s communication channels. The prize for the winner will be 2,000,000.00 dinars and support in further development and promotion. In addition, part of the prize for the winner will be project presentation in OTP Lab Innovation Hub of parent OTP Group, which is present in 11 countries in Europe, as well as in the Portfolion investment fund.

Numerous partners recognized the importance of the Generator: Mastercard, Schneider Electric, Bosch, ICT HUB, Serbia Innovates, Initiative Digital Serbia, Netokracija and BOŠ – the Belgrade Open School, as well as OTP lab innovation hub of OTP Group and the Portfolion investment fund. Project partners also award numerous prizes to the best finalists.

About Generator:

In order to strengthen the competitiveness of domestic entrepreneurship, Generator was designed and launched in 2017, as a project that brings together and supports solutions that encourage innovative entrepreneurial ventures. That year, Generator supported 40 entrepreneurial innovations through financial support, promotion and mentoring. Next year, 2018, the best student entrepreneurial innovations were awarded, and Generator 2.0 was intended for the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises. At the end of 2019, within the Generator, the bank launched the Generator of Good Deeds, which supported six social enterprises and their representatives. In the year marked by the pandemic, Generator Gamechanger was dedicated to digital projects, websites, applications and other platforms that help small and medium enterprises to overcome the challenges they faced. At the beginning of 2021, another cycle of support was organized for five individuals and small businesses under the roof of the Generator of Good Deeds, this time in an online environment.






PwC Serbia “ESG Leader” – Contest for Sustainable Business Leaders

Our member, PwC Serbia announces the ‘ESG Leaders’ contest with the aim of recognizing and rewarding organizations and individuals who excel in the field of ESG.

This includes developing strategic visions for sustainable development, implementing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, or creating educational programs that contribute to social and economic green transformation.

The competition is held in four main categories: strategy, innovations, educational program and Leader in Sustainable Development (for individuals).

For all relevant information and details please click on link: PWC ESG Leaders

Participation in the competition is free of charge, and the deadline for submitting applications is April 22, 2024.

Raiffeisen Banka a.d. Beograd successfully closed acquisition of Crédit Agricole Srbija A.D. Novi Sad


Belgrade, April 1st, 2022 – Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd announces that it has, upon receiving necessary approvals from the National Bank of Serbia and relevant regulatory bodies, successfully closed the acquisition of 100 per cent of the shares of Crédit Agricole Srbija (Crédit Agricole Srbija A.D. Novi Sad and CA Leasing Srbija d.o.o.) from Crédit Agricole S.A.


“With this acquisition, we are realizing our long-term strategic plans regarding our business expansion in Serbia,“ Zoran Petrović, CEO of Raiffeisen banka, stated on this occasion. “We are proud of the fact that our head office, Raiffeisen Bank International AG, recognized the potential in Serbia and supported us in the intention to position ourselves in the market even better. We express our gratitude towards the National Bank of Serbia, for having a highly professional approach to the approval process of this acquisition. Strengthened by a high-quality product and service offering, but most of all by the people of Crédit Agricole, we will be in a position to offer superior customer experience to an even greater number of clients in all segments and to become the bank recommended by the greatest number of individuals and companies in Serbia,“ he added.


The acquisition process started in August 2021 when the contract was signed, and the merger of Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd and Crédit Agricole Srbija A.D. Novi Sad is expected to be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2023. Consequently, Raiffeisen banka is expected to increase its market share to 12 per cent* and to rank third* by total assets. After the merger with Crédit Agricole bank, the loan portfolio of Raiffeisen banka is expected to reach almost € 3 billion and the client base to exceed one million.


”Crédit Agricole enhances the business of Raiffeisen Group in Serbia in the best manner, thanks to its complementary business model and the same values we share. Our clients will continue receiving the high-quality services they they are accustomed to in the following months, until the merger has been fully completed. We are looking forward to starting this path together and building an even stronger bank that will, thanks to its innovative service, be even more competitive,” stated Petar Jovanović, new CEO of Crédit Agricole and former Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board of Raiffeisen banka.


* Data on market share and market ranking are based on the latest published data form the National bank of Serbia, as of 30.09.2021



Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd is a member of Raiffeisen Bank International, one of the leading banking groups in Central and Eastern Europe. It began its business activities in 2001, and is developing its focus in three segments: retail banking, corporate banking, treasury and investment banking.


For more information, please contact:


Katarina Gaborović

Marketing & PR Department

Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd

Đorđa Stanojevića 16, Beograd

tel. +381 11 2207 301


Jelena Lapčević

Marketing & PR Department

Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd

Đorđa Stanojevića 16, Beograd

tel. +381 11 2207 306




Raiffeisen Banka a.d. Beograd Successfully Merged with RBA Banka a.d. Novi Sad

“This mutual journey has lasted a year and has confirmed the great potential for synergy and the complementary nature of the business models of the two banks. It would have been impossible to bring it to an end without the teams of our staff, their expertise and energy invested into the success of the joint project. Today, when we are embarking on further business as an even stronger, larger and joint bank, represents also the start of a new chapter – for us, as well as for our clients. They will have “the best of both banks“ at their disposal: an even larger branch network across Serbia, improved user experience, banking that combines the most advanced technologies with traditional knowledge and expertise“, Zoran Petrović, CEO of Raiffeisen banka, stated on this occasion.


The bank also emphasizes that great appreciation for the success of the integration project is due to its Austrian parent company, Raiffeisen Bank International, as well as the regulator, the National Bank of Serbia, which offered support and the framework for the realization of this most important endeavour since the beginning of the business activities of Raiffeisen banka in Serbia in 2001.

The integrated Raiffeisen banka has increased its market share in Serbia to 12 per cent*. The loan portfolio exceeded a value of almost € 3 billion, deposit potential of more than € 4.5 billion and the database of active clients exceeded the number of 1 million users.

The bank continues offering its services to clients at a total of 139 locations across Serbia, with an increased number of ATMs, which exceeds the number of 300 devices. Thanks to the quality of digital services and the most advanced banking solutions, clients who were doing business with RBA banka so far, will have at their disposal multifunctional devices or “smart ATMs“ for performing various transactions, available around the clock, seven days a week. The broad range of innovative digital solutions in both retail and corporate segments, products and services available fully online (account opening, loan approval, etc), will also contribute to their improved user experience.

On the other hand, RBA banka brings broad experience and expertise in doing business with the agricultural segment, where it was one of the market leaders in the past years, into the integrated bank. The joint bank will continue developing its business in this area and further improving its agricultural offer – for large agricultural companies, but also small acrigultural and family farms.

The bank will continue fostering those values that are woven into the business foundations of the whole Raiffeisen Group: responsibility towards the environment and the community where it does business, nurturing long-term partnerships with institutions in areas on which the power of every society is based on – art and culture, sports, education and science, protection of the environment.

*Data on the market share and market position is based on the officially available data published by the NBS as at September 30, 2022.

Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd is a member of Raiffeisen Bank International, one of the leading banking groups in Central and Eastern Europe. It began its business activities in 2001 and is continually developing its activities in retail banking, corporate banking, as well as treasury and investment banking.

For more information, please contact:

Katarina Gaborović                                                     Jelena Lapčević

Marketing&PR Department                                      Marketing&PR Department

Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd                                  Raiffeisen banka a.d. Beograd

Đorđa Stanojevića 16                                                  Đorđa Stanojevića 16

Beograd                                                                         Beograd          

tel. +381 11 2207 301                                                   tel. +381 11 2207 306                                      


Raiffeisen Banka Actively Taking Part in the Switch Towards Green Economy

Raiffeisen banka has introduced investment loans for the purchase of solar panels intended for micro and small enterprises and entrepreneurs into its product offer. The maximum repayment period is ten years, with a grace period of up to 12 months.

Jelena Aksić, Member of the Managing Board of Raiffeisen banka in charge of Retail Banking, says these specialized loans for solar panels aimed at the business segment will boost investments into renewable energy sources as well as have an additional impact on environmental protection, while also enabling clients to reduce the impact of changes on the fuel market.

By offering these loans for purchasing solar panels intended for micro and small enterprises and entrepreneurs, Raiffeisen banka has expanded the range of products which can help companies save energy used in their business and also contribute to environmental protection.

Raiffeisen banka issues loans for solar panels for a maximum repayment term of up to ten years, along with other important benefits.

One of them is also a 12-month grace period. This means that those who opt for this kind of investment will pay the first installment only after one year.

Also, the minimal downpayment for loans for the purchase of solar panels is ten per cent. The loan approval fee has also been reduced and it now amounts to 0.5 per cent of the total loan amount approved.

And that is not all. With investment loans for the purchase of solar panels no mortgage is necessary. For this type of loan, a pledge on solar panels is sufficient, in accordance with the creditworthiness of the client and the bank’s Credit Policy.

“Raiffeisen banka is actively taking part in solving the problem of environmental protection. It is our obligation to search for the best models and be part of the solution. With these specialized loans for the purchase of solar panels intended for micro and small enterprises and entrepreneurs, we will enable our clients to save money, but also to be individual producers of green energy and that way to plan their budgets better and reduce their dependence of changes in the fuel market“, Jelena Aksić stated.

In a representative calculation for clients of the bank, if the investment value is RSD 7 million, the monthly installment for a repayment period of ten years amount to RSD 58,333.33.

You can find more information on the web page for solar panel loans