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SAVA ZDRAVO health package from Sava Insurance

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SAVA ZDRAVO health package from Sava Insurance

SAVA ZDRAVO health package from Sava Insurance

Sava Insurance, as a member of one of the leading insurance groups in the region – Insurance Group SAVA, has expanded its offer of insurance services with special voluntary health insurance packages.

The insurance policy primarily offers basic coverage types pertaining to outpatient treatment and encompasses the following healthcare services: examinations and diagnostic procedures, laboratory tests, tests and analysis necessary for reproductive system check-up, outpatient interventions, medical transport, ordered therapy in outpatient conditions, home treatment in emergency situations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in outpatient treatment conditions, examinations and diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests (in relation to health problems occurring after the confirmed Covid-19 infection over the period of no longer than six months after the diagnosis), mental health, urgent dentistry, medical and technical aids, as well as additional coverage types: health protection for pregnant women and new-born babies, physical check-up, ophthalmology services, dental services, prescription drugs and orders, physical and speech therapy, complementary medicine services, tumour coverage and second medical opinion.

Sava Insurance improved the standard offer of voluntary health insurance in the Serbian market by allowing its clients, in addition to the basic and additional insurance coverage types, to also contract several supplementary insurance services: second medical opinion, coverage in case of tumours, post-covid coverage and expansion of coverage for a physical check-up.

Sava Insurance offers three SAVA ZDRAVO packages of voluntary health insurance:

  • Sava Basic – includes outpatient treatment for the sum insured up to EUR 1000
  • Sava Standard – includes outpatient and hospital treatment for the sum insured up to EUR 2000
  • Sava Pro – includes outpatient and hospital treatment for the sum insured up to EUR 3000.

Voluntary health insurance is available to all citizens of the Republic of Serbia, regardless of their age. Furthermore, insurance is also available to foreign citizens temporarily working in Serbia and to their family members.

The voluntary health insurance may be contracted as individual and collective insurance (when a legal person contracts insurance for its employees).

The companies that opt for collective voluntary health insurance policies achieve a number of benefits: the ability to create a single voluntary health insurance package that meets the employer’s needs, budget, business requirements and the needs of its employees; tax relief for the premium of voluntary health insurance; reducing employee absences due to sick leave and their faster return to work; positive impact on the image of the company, because taking care of the employees achieves one of the sustainable development strategies – it motivates and rewards the employees.     Also, by purchasing a voluntary health insurance policy for its employees, the company achieves one of the priority categories of benefits (these include: health, family, professional development, career and mobility) that have the strongest positive impact on employees, on their satisfaction and engagement in business processes.

The clients – persons insured under the voluntary health insurance with SAVA ZDRAVO packages are provided with the following: availability of Sava Call centre 7 days a week, 24 hours a day; no waiting for medical examinations, because they are scheduled in a systematic and organized manner, thus avoiding the waiting lists of publicly funded health services; freedom to choose the best doctors in private health care institutions throughout Serbia and assistance in the selection of doctors, i.e. health care facilities by the Sava Medical Call centre; no unnecessary burden on personal finances by direct payment of health services, etc.

The amount of insurance premium for Collective voluntary health insurance depends on the number of employees to be insured, on the gender and age structure of employees, on the sum insured, as well as on the selected set of medical services chosen by the company for its employees. The expert team of Sava Insurance is available to propose several various SAVA ZDRAVO packages and to help with the selection of the most adequate package option.

The potential clients may find more information about the types and scopes of insurance coverages of SAVA ZDRAVO packages offered by Sava Insurance, as well as about additional benefits for persons insured under the voluntary health insurance at the Sava Insurance website or by e-mail