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PHOENIX grupa Srbija

PHOENIX grupa Srbija

Pharmaceutical wholesale The PHOENIX group from Mannheim is a leading pharmaceutical trader in Europe.


The PHOENIX group from Mannheim is a leading pharmaceutical trader in Europe. Active in 29 countries, the company offers unique geographical coverage throughout Europe, making a vital contribution to comprehensive healthcare with around 45,000 employees. The group already operates over 3,200 of its own pharmacies and 17,000 pharmacies in partner and cooperation program. PHOENIX is active with 222 distribution centers and supplies pharmacies and medical institutions with drugs and other health products. The PHOENIX group’s vision is to be the best integrated healthcare provider – wherever it is active.

The PHOENIX group considers itself to be a link between manufacturer and patient. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, health insurance funds, and patients across Europe can benefit from our service offering. Numerous other products and services for pharmacy customers complete the portfolio – from support with patient advice to modern goods management systems to pharmacy cooperation programs.

PHOENIX also provides services across the whole supply chain for the pharmaceutical industry as “one point contact” for all services from consultancy to logistic operations offering tailor made solutions to the pharmaceutical partners.

In Serbia PHOENIX group in Serbia is offering wide portfolio of pharmacy services along the whole chain of pharmaceutical business from manufacturer to the patient since 2009 through its company brands  PHOENIX Pharma, EL Pharma, INO-Pharm and pharmacy chain BENU.

Contacts: Bore Stankovića 2, 11000 Belgrade; phone: +381 11 3538 100;


Company team:

  1. Ivan Banković, Board member Commercial and Marketing
  2.    Jelena Jergović, Board member Markets and Development
  3. Branka Vučinić, Head of Legal Department
  4. Jelena Mlinarević, Lawyer
  5. Natalija Raičević, Head of Communications and Marketing
  6. Danijela Simović, Communications Manager
  7.    Bojana Lugonja, Board Office Manager


  1. What are the core values of PHOENIX group Serbia business philosophy?

Everything we do is always centered on the applicable group-wide values. They are the foundation for the daily fulfilment of our mission: “We deliver health across Europe”.

We are reliable -we do what we say. You can rely on our services and the best possible standards of quality. This is a result of promoting the individual abilities, potential, and motivation of our employees, which enables us to further improve the services for our customers. Constructive cooperation across national borders and commitment to successful concepts – this is the key to our decisive competitive edge. Across Europe, we are a reliable contact in all topics relating to health and well-being. A cooperative and open partnership among ourselves, as well as with customers and suppliers, is of great importance to us. We are constantly undergoing further development – while remaining true to ourselves at the same time. Based on our stable shareholder structure, we can pursue a sustainable corporate strategy.

We are proactive. We are acting instead of reacting: we stand for clear and forward-looking objectives, quick and results-oriented decisions, and structured cooperation. We know the pharmaceutical markets in Europe and the challenges they present. Due to the continuous exchange among ourselves, as well as with our customers and business partners, we are in tune with the market. This allows us to identify the respective expectations and respond flexibly to changes. We constantly provide our customers with the appropriate support.

We are respectful and we consider health as a most valuable asset. Our awareness of this fact determines our actions. We are committed to the sustainable development of our organization above and beyond the regulatory standards. Our success strategy is based on the efficient use of resources to achieve the greatest possible profitability. An ethically correct and fair interaction with business partners, competitors, and our employees is a matter of course at all times.

  1. How do you perceive PHOENIX group Serbia strategy for further growth on this market?

With Warsaw opened in 2016 and Belgrade in March 2017, our concept of operations “Regional distribution service model – HUB network solution”, will create new levels of business with our industry partners.

Specifically, with the opening of the hub in Belgrade, PHOENIX is able to reduce the complexity of international logistics processes significantly which leads to reduced costs by optimizing the stock levels. The CEE Bridge networks ensures access to regional connected markets in the entire region. We are sure that our partners will recognize the benefits of unique solutions offered by the concept of ‘’all-in-one’’ where the HUB Belgrade represents an important link in the logistics chain both in Healthcare Logistics and Wholesale towards pharmacies. From Belgrade, we will be covering markets of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

In light of further business plans in Serbia and the region, PHOENIX expects further business growth. Positive developments and forecasts of the most relevant financial institutions such as IMF and The World Bank indicate that Serbian market will continue to grow. This overall growth would be certainly stimulated by the growth in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector and in that light, PHOENIX would certainly be one of the contributors. However, further improvements of business ambient, as well as successful finalization of transport infrastructure, would be of crucial importance for new business initiatives and we hope that Serbia would confirm itself as growing and competitive.

As leading company on pharmaceutical Serbian market, PHOENIX develop the best pharmacy services to the patients within BENU pharmacy chain.  With over 400 pharmacies in Serbia, BENU pharmacy institution provide the highest standards of pharmaceutical competent and professional services and the most comfortable customer experience in each modern pharmacy.

  1. What is in your view the role of FIC and what are your expectations?

FIC has established itself as respectable, competent and proactive partner both to business community on one side and Serbian Government, on the other. We are aware about the obvious contribution that FIC has provided to overall development and improvement of Serbian market, constructive and productive dialog among all important factors that create and regulate business climate in Serbia. We expect to provide additional contribution to FIC through our active participation and we do hope that FIC will continue to grow and continue to play an important role in further growth and development of Serbian market, especially in healthcare sector.