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CRH in Serbia is changing its name to Moravacem

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CRH in Serbia is changing its name to Moravacem

CRH in Serbia is changing its name to Moravacem


Popovac, April 5, 2021 – The company CRH in Serbia, based in Popovac, changed its name and logo. The new name is Moravacem, and it will be officially valid from April 5.

With a new name and brand, the company remains a member of CRH Group, the leading building material business in the world.

Choosing the name Moravacem speaks of our respect for domestic values, laws, business ethics, but also educated, professional and diligent people from Serbia.

We are proud of our roots and the history of the Popovac cement plant for more than 100 years. We value our past and accept it as a solid foundation for building a great future.

On the other hand, CRH is the name of our parent company, headquartered in Ireland. We will take the opportunity to be part of a very successful global family to share our knowledge, innovations, experiences and good practices with it.

By changing the company name and logo, we do not change our top priorities: providing exceptional products and services to our customers, providing great career opportunities for our people, providing the highest standards of responsible health, safety and environmental protection, and making a positive contribution to our local communities.

Also, changing the name and logo of the company does not change our cooperation with key partners, as well as the business that continues to take place on a regular basis.


About CRH:

CRH is a leading international group in the field of construction materials, employing close to 80,000 people at over 3,000 operating locations in 31 countries around the world. With a market capitalization of EUR 26.8 billion (2018), CRH is the largest company in the building materials industry in North America and second in the world. The Group has a leading position in Europe, as well as an established strategic position in emerging markets in Asia and South America.

CRH is committed to improving living space through the delivery of premium materials and products for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure, residential and commercial projects. CRH is on the Fortune 500 list and is a constituent member of the FTSE 100 index and ISEQ 20.

About Moravacem:

Moravacem cement plant is located in central Serbia, in the village of Popovac, near Paracin, 160 km south of Belgrade. The annual capacity of the cement plant is 1,350,000 tons of cement and binders.

With three concrete factories near Belgrade, in Krnjača, Dobanovci and Zemun, Moravacem is also present on the ready-mixed concrete market.

A special sector in our company has many years of experience in the treatment and production of alternative fuels from sorted municipal waste, and our experts offer solutions for environmental protection in the petrochemical industry and the tire industry.

Moravacem has been an active member of several business associations in Serbia for many years, the most important of which are: Foreign Investors Council (FIC), National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), Cement Industry of Serbia (CIS), Forum for Responsible Business.

The company is very active in the areas of socially responsible business and sustainable development. She is the winner of many local and regional awards, but also the most important national CSR award “Virtus”, in 2007, 2011, 2019.

You can find more details about the company, management and our activities on our website: