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Annual Meeting of the Foreign Investors Council Assembly

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Annual Meeting of the Foreign Investors Council Assembly

Annual Meeting of the Foreign Investors Council Assembly

2010 – Year of challenges and achievements

Foreign Investors Council held the regular annual meeting of the Assembly, adopting the Annual Report for 2010 and discussing plans and prospective activities in 2011. The session was an opportunity to reflect upon the results achieved in the current year, specifically in relation to the work of the FIC committees, which represent the Council’s core value. The Assembly also adopted the proposal to amend the Statute and open up the FIC to the membership of companies which in significant way represents foreign business interest.

FIC President Kjell-Morten Johnsen said that year 2010 was very challenging for all investors and that in such times the Council re-energized its platform and took an active role in contributing to the improvement of investment climate in Serbia. During 2010, the FIC further developed its advocacy initiatives towards the Government, continued to develop cooperation with relevant and renowned institutions and organizations and used the opportunity to more actively and openly discuss issues pertaining to the overall business environment.

During the current year the FIC launched 29 advocacy activities dedicated to business climate improvement, organized 5 main events and built up 20 partnership activities, presented the Annual Report. Apart from the White Book Launch Event that gathered around 600 attendees coming both from the Government and business sector, the most notable FIC event in 2010 was the organization of the first Reality Check Conference – a new yearly forum for discussion between chief executives of the FIC member companies and high Government officials concerning the issues that hamper doing business conditions.

It was also concluded that the more proactive, open and transparent approach, and synergy of conducted activities created added value to the association image and had a positive effect on the expanding of the membership base and generating media and public interest.

FIC reiterated readiness to be a constructive partner to the Government of Serbia and to assist the authorities by sharing experiences and giving concrete recommendations for future economic progress. In a year to come the Council will keep maintaining open, constructive and active dialogue and providing adequate support in the process of transition of the Serbian economy, as well as the society at large.

About FIC:
Foreign Investors Council was founded in 2002 by 14 major foreign investors in Serbia, who gathered around the common idea of contributing to the improvement of the business environment in Serbia. Today, this business association gathers more than 120 member companies, which have invested around €11.6 billion and employ more than 69.000 people in Serbia.