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The FIC Presents the White Book 2008

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The FIC Presents the White Book 2008

The FIC Presents the White Book 2008

The Foreign Investors Council has presented the latest, sixth in a row, White Book, the publication which offers the information on the business environment in Serbia and reveals suggestions for ease of doing business in specific business areas.

The White Book is being written to serve as the basis for the dialogue between the Government and the foreign investors on the ways to improve the overall business climate and raise competitiveness of Serbia as an investment location. The latest edition places the emphasis on three pillars of development: infrastructure, real estate and human capital. Progress in reforms in these areas would have a significant impact on the overall conditions for doing business in Serbia.

The launch was opened by FIC President Stein-Erik Vellan, followed by the key note speakers – Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic and the Deputy Prime Minister Mladjan Dinkic. High Government Officials presented the future plans of the Government and the reform agenda which will be pursued.

In the key note speech FIC President stated that foreign investors do not ask for special treatment, but are seeking a level playing field for all players, foreign or domestic, big or small, in all segments and sectors of the economy. Vellan pointed out that general preconditions for doing business remain the same: stability and predictability. Predictability is not only shaped by government strategies, but also by the way the policies are implemented. More efficient administration and less complicated procedures would highly advance the conditions for doing business. Vellan said that The FIC believes that the current Government is fully competent to position Serbia as a leader and direct the country towards reforms.

Representatives of the Cabinet and the FIC participated in the reality check panel discussion on the business climate in Serbia, exchanging views on the steps which would lead to rasing the competitiveness of this market. On the side of the Government panelists were: Deputy Prime Minister Mladjan Dinkic, Minister of Telecommunication and Information Society Jasna Matic, Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning Oliver Dulic and Minister of Trade and Services Slobodan Milosavljevic. On the side of the FIC panelists were FIC President and CEO of Telenor Stein-Erik Vellan and the members of the FIC Board of Directors: General Manager of British American Tobacco South-East Europe Luiz Augusto Heeren, General Manager of Holcim Serbia Gustavo Navarro, CEO of Carlsberg South East Europe Isaac Sheps. 

More information about the edition and this project was presented by the Chief Editor Mihailo Crnobrnja and Milos Bugarin, President of the partner organization Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

FIC representatives reiterated that the foreign investors are ready to share experience and work with the Government on creating more efficient business environment in Serbia.