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SGS Beograd d.o.o.

SGS Beograd d.o.o.

  • Jurija Gagarina 7b
  • 11070 Beograd
  • Tel: +381 11 7155 275, +381 11 7155 277
  • Fax: +381 11 2284 241
  • E-mail:
  • Web:
  • Enrolment date: 2016

Introduction: SGS Beograd was founded in 2001. as a full member of the SGS Group and from then begins its rapid development and winning of new markets in the area of professional and specialized services. SGS Beograd today employs over 200 skilled and experienced professionals, dedicated to providing first class services and prepared to create added value to its customers at any time. SGS Beograd is authorized by the national accreditation board as an inspection body according to ISO / IEC 17020.

Industry: Inspection, testing, verification and monitoring of trade of goods and investments in agriculture, industry, mining, fuel and chemical industry, transport of consumer goods and product certification.

Within the company there are:

• A modern and fully equipped laboratory for agricultural and food products, plant nutrition, animal feed, fertilizires, pre-insulated multi-layer pipe systems,testing fules, gasoil, gasoline,fuel oil accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025, which is located in Stara Pazova.

• Office in Montenegro with the location in Bar.

Thanks to the excellent professional experience, strict adherence to ethical standards of the founders and the support of the global network, SGS Beograd has become a leading international company in Serbia in the field of inspection and certification, with the goal to become soon  the same in the  area of ​​testing services.

Services:  SGS Beograd is able to provide services in the following business lines:

Agricultural, Food and Life Services
Consumer and Retail Services
Environmental, Health ans Safety Services
Industrial Services
Mineral Services
Oil, Gas & Chemicals Services
Governments and Institutions Services
Certification and Business enhancement

Contacts:  Jurija Gagarina 7b, 11 000 Belgrade; phone: +381 11 7155 288 or +381 11 7155 277; fax : +381 11 22 84 241; e-mail:;  web:

A word from Marinko Ukropina, Managing Director of SGS Beograd d.o.o.

1. What are the core values of SGS Beograd d.o.o. business philosophy?

SGS Beograd aims to be a leader and innovator in providing inspection, verification, testing and certification services, relying on SGS distinct brand in the world of quality, global reputation for trust, independence and integrity, unique network of offices and laboratories and selection of the best people. With the enthusiasm and determination SGS Beograd will guide its leadership with a commitment to provide our customers appropriate solutions and reduce potential risks.

2. How do you perceive SGS Beograd d.o.o. strategy for further growth on this market?

As a credible company, SGS Beograd develops its procedures and services according to Do – Check – Act model. By applying standards, we are showing our customers that we are stable and reliable system. In order to be part of an orderly market, such as the European market, SGS Beograd meets established uniform criteria and international standards. Within our field of business we are constantly bringing in new projects and services in order to satisfy the demands of an organized market and expectations of our customers.

3. What is in your view the role of FIC and what are your expectations?

In addition to the improvement of the investment climate and business environment, we expect that FIC should participate in the development and promotion of successful business models, knowledge and experience according to trends of development applied in successful international companies. Only organizations that are willing to continuously learn and develop competencies and potential of their employees can be equal participants in the market competition. In this regard, FIC as an organization, which has communication with stakeholders (eg. the state, investors, companies, international financial institutions) should be a leader in proposing and sharing ideas and solutions for improving the business environment in the Republic of Serbia.