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Open Dialogue as a Precondition for an Efficient Business Environment

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Open Dialogue as a Precondition for an Efficient Business Environment

Open Dialogue as a Precondition for an Efficient Business Environment

Belgrade, July 9, 2010 – Foreign Investors Council in Serbia organized a “Reality Check” Conference in partnership with high state representatives including Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković, with the aim to contribute to the overall business climate improvement and raise competitiveness of Serbia as an investment location, through an open dialogue on key issues which burden business conditions in our country.

At the conference, which was attended by representatives of Serbian Government and the Foreign Investors Council, it was concluded that progress has been achieved in previous period, but that in spite of significant positive shifts, there is still a need for further improvement of business conditions in Serbia.

In his introductory speech FIC President Kjell-Morten Johnsen pointed out that the key for attracting new and expanding existing investments is in a consistent approach towards investors and a uniform implementation of state policies. He reminded of previous activities that have been directing towards upgrading of the investment environment, including support in implementation of the Guillotine Project, and a series of recommendations and concrete proposals published in the White Book editions.

The conference highlighted the importance to continue with the reform process and further work on development of the overall legal framework, especially in the areas of enforcement of court resolutions, protection of competition, trade, securities market and private-public partnerships. Introduction of the concept of fiscal responsibility and consistent implementation of taxation policy are recognized as extremely important steps in creating a more efficient business environment.

Representatives of the Council expressed the belief that such constructive dialogues would continue in the future, and reiterated their readiness to share experiences and work together with the Government on identifying specific problems and finding efficient solutions for ease of doing business in Serbia. 

About FIC:

Foreign Investors Council, an association which gathers over 120 companies operating in Serbia, has since its establishment been building a partnership with the Government of Serbia, always striving to use the extensive experience of its member companies to provide adequate support to the Government of Serbia in the process of transition of the economy, as well as the society at large.