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MACPI tool – Monitoring Anti-corruption Policy Implementation

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MACPI tool – Monitoring Anti-corruption Policy Implementation

MACPI tool – Monitoring Anti-corruption Policy Implementation

The Centre for Contemporary Politics/Portal European Western Balkans (CCP/EWB) with the support of the Southeast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI), implements MACPI tool (short for Monitoring Anticorruption Policy Implementation) in Serbia. MACPI is a tool developed in 2014 in cooperation with the DG HOME of the EU Commission. It consists of the questionnaire and subsequent research.


The purpose of the tool is to help the institutions to curb potential shortcomings that potentially could allow development of corrupt practices.

The current focus is to examine effectiveness of functioning of the Council for Economic Development and the Development Agency of Serbia regarding investments and investments of special importance.

You can find the questionnaire on the following link:

The goal of the questionnaire is to collect the impressions and perceptions about the functioning of system of granting of subsidies for investments and investments of special importance and to identify eventual shortcomings and challenges. Our aim is not to identify the concrete cases of malfunctioning the system (for example, concrete cases of corruption), but to uncover shortcomings and challenges in the system and to develop recommendations on how to address them in a systemic way.

CCP/EWB would kindly like to ask FIC members to fill out this anonymous questionnaire. The questionnaire is in Serbian language.


Corporate professionals in Serbia that have an experience with at least one of the following criteria: communication or cooperation with the Council for Economic Development and/or the Development Agency of Serbia, communication with the other institutions of the Republic of Serbia regarding investments or subsidies for investments, experience with people or companies who invested in Serbia or had an interest to invest in the past.

(usually financial managers and/or members of the administrative staff of boards of directors).


With participation in the MACPI implementation and filling out the questionnaire you will help the work of both the civil society and the state institutions who are focused on the improvement of the rule of law, which is one of the key preconditions for Serbia’s advance in the EU integration process. Also, the improvement of the rule of law and fight against the corruption is in the essential interests of all businesses that have a long term engagement plan in Serbia.

Data collected through this questionnaire are completely anonymous and it would be used for compiling the analysis and recommendations on how to improve the current system, in the interests of both the investors and the citizens. When completed, analysis and recommendations will offered to the Government of Serbia and other state institutions, business associations, citizens and the EU institutions.


The questionnaire will be open for filling out for 10 days, from May 20 to May 30. The average time for filling out the questionnaire is 15 minutes (depending on the answers).

For all additional information, you can contact

Igor Novaković

Nemanja Todorović Štiplija