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Jelena Vukic-Suljagic

Legal Committee - president

Jelena Vukic-Suljagic

Jelena Vukic-Suljagic

Jelena Vukic-Suljagic has over 25 years of experience, not only as an in-house lawyer, but also as an attorney-at-law. She holds a position of a Legal Expert at Societe Generale Bank Serbia a.d. Beograd (now OTP banka Srbija AD Beograd), since 2014, with focus on monitoring regulatory frame; drafting various legal documents; analyzing EU Directives and implementing Group’s procedures, as well as participating in negotiations with important corporate clients.

Jelena takes a special interest in structured financing, complex restructuring and syndicated financing, capital market regulations, securities and financial derivatives, in accordance with local and EU regulations.

As a member of working group of Ministry of Finance, Jelena has participated in drafting of the Law on deadlines for settlement of financial liabilities in commercial transactions. Also, she was a lecturer at professional gatherings as well as in-house coach for various legal matters.

Jelena has graduated at Faculty of Law at Belgrade University and passed the Bar Examination before the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia in January 1995. She has advanced knowledge of English and Russian.

As a long-time participant in the activities of the FIC Legal Committee, Jelena has taken another step forward by taking the role of FIC Legal Committee Vice President, thus committing herself to active participation and organization of Legal Committee work.