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INOS Balkan d.o.o.

INOS Balkan d.o.o.

Inos Balkan, is a 60-year old company sourcing secondary raw materials for servicing the national and regional metal industry

Industry: Recycling

Introduction: Inos Balkan, is a 60-year old company sourcing secondary raw materials for servicing the national and regional metal industry. It is active in the waste management sector, currently employing over 50 individuals.

Since 2006, Inos Balkan is owned by Viohalco (, a Euronext listed company). Viohalco owns and operates aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, and steel works (including pipe for oil and gas plants) and manufactures all kinds of cables, in Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Inos Balkan, as a Viohalco company, conducts its business activities under a strict corporate set of principles inducing full compliance with all legislative frameworks, i.e., environmental, financial, and labour laws and regulations.


Contacts:Mirka Obradovica BB, 14000 Valjevo; phone:  +381 14 221 560; e-mail:; web:

Company team: Iosif Vangelatos – General manager

Mirjiana Radic – Financial Manager

Dusan Visnjic – Environmental Health and Safety manager

Goran Stojancevic – Commercial manager

A word from Iosif Vangelatos, General Manager at INOS Balkan d.o.o.

1. What are the core values of INOS Balkan d.o.o. business philosophy?

Our core corporate values can be summarised into:

  •          Responsibility
  •          Integrity
  •          Efficiency
  •          Innovation
  •          Professionalism

2. How do you perceive INOS Balkan d.o.o. strategy for further growth on this market?

All over the word and especially in the EU, circular economy principals are dictating future business models. New products, infrastructure, equipment and services are designed and delivered based on the principals of long lasting design, maintenance, repair, reuse and recycling.

In the near future, Serbia will have to deal with environmental protection obligations arising from chapter 27 of EU integration process and we are preparing our company for the new era. With solid financial state, modern management and robust engineering resources we are ready to apply in the Serbian recycling market all business models that we have already successfully deployed in other countries of the region.  

3. What is in your view the role of FIC and what are your expectations?

As the mission statement of FIC clearly underscores “FIC mission is: “To actively promote and develop predictable, competitive, and sustainable business environment, through open dialogue with the Authorities and other relevant stakeholders”.

Serbian market is great need for reforms and FIC could be a key stakeholder for those changes. Predictability of business environment, transparency in all public procedures and levelled playfield are the key factors for a successful transformation of Serbian economy into a modern dynamic and liberal economy.