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Dragana Stikic

Dragana Stikić has joined Nestle Adriatic in 2009. Dragana holds a degree in Food Technology, having graduated in 2005 from the esteemed Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of food laws and regulations, Dragana has developed a comprehensive understanding of local, regional, and EU regulations. Her role within an international company entails ensuring compliance in EU member countries within the region, allowing her to cultivate a profound expertise in EU food regulations.

Dragana actively participates in working groups dedicated to the development and adoption of food regulations, collaborating with esteemed institutions such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Her contributions extend to providing valuable assistance in the drafting of laws, by-laws, and manuals pertaining to food quality and safety in Serbia.

For more than eight years, Dragana has been an engaged member of the Food & Agriculture Committee, assuming the esteemed position of Chairman since June 2018. Her unwavering dedication and motivation drive her to propel progress and foster positive change in the industry.