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Delta Holding

Delta Holding

Delta Holding was founded in 1991 and it was one of the first private companies in Serbia. Based on revenue earnings in 2009, Delta Holding was officially ranked as the largest company in Serbia.

Company name: Delta Holding doo

Industry: Agricultural business, retail, real estate, distribution


Delta Holding and its member companies are involved in many sectors including agribusiness, real estate development, food processing, wholesale distribution, automobiles.

Delta Holding is keen to play its part in promoting Serbian success stories at an international level. Since being founded in 1991, Delta Holding has become a trailblazer and can serve as an example to other companies in the region. Through job creation and partnership with foreign companies, Delta Holding is helping to drive economic growth which is essential to increasing and maintaining stability in the region.

The size of the corporation is measured not only by how much skill, knowledge and effort is invested into making profit, but also by willingness to understand and participate in the creation of better life conditions for all citizens. Delta Holding established Delta Foundation in 2007 with the aim to integrate current and future humanitarian activities of the company. The mission of Delta Foundation is satisfying of lasting social, educational, cultural and health needs of our community, through endowment projects, support to institutions of the social welfare and developmental projects related to education and culture.


Delta Holding is divided into three separate companies: Delta Agrar Group, Delta Real Estate Group and Delta Distribution.

Delta Holding Business Partners are: Pioneer, British American Tobaco, Johnson, BASF, Syngenta, Honda, BMW, MINI, InterContinental Hotels Group, Bayer, Beieresdorf, Generali Group, Ferrero, Delhaize Group, Banca Intesa…


Vladimira Popovic 6; 11000 Belgrade, Serbia



Company team:

Miroslav Mišković, President, Milka Vojvodić, Senior Vice President, Finance and Economy, Marija Desivojević Cvetković, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development, Dejan Jeremić, Senior Vice President, Operations, Milorad Sredanović, Vice President, Ivan Kostić, Vice President, Agriculture, Živorad Vasić, Vice President.

A word from Marija Desivojević Cvetković,
Vice President, Strategy and Development of Delta Holding.

What are the core values of Delta Holding business philosophy?

Delta Holding is devoted to creation of companies that improve the society we live and work in. We strive to become a global company, strong in the eyes of our customers, partners and employees, and recognized for its core values: excellence, innovation, integrity, achievements and taking care of people. Through job creation and partnership with foreign companies we aim to serve as an example to other companies in the region.

2. How do you perceive Delta Holding strategy for further growth on this market?

We consider that the use of the best technologies and partnerships with the best companies offer inexhaustible growth possibilities, so we are devoted to finding those worldwide. In agriculture, one of our core businesses, we are always seeking for ways to accomplish much higher yields and profitability. There are two directions of agricultural development –fruit and vegetable cultivation. We wish to share extensive experience and knowledge we have gained in these areas and make it widely applied, through cooperation with farmers. Delta Holding is currently planning the realization of three important real estate projects.

3. In your view, what is the role of FIC and what are your expectations?

FIC and Delta Holding have a mutual goal, which is to enable Serbian economy to function better. We expect FIC to be the promoter of positive business attitudes and business interests of its member, and thus an important partner of Delta Holding. The cooperation between the private sector, government and other stakeholders, mediated by the Council, should result in a more favourable investment and business development climate in Serbia.