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Business School of HR established by Smart HR Consulting and HR World

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Business School of HR established by Smart HR Consulting and HR World

Business School of HR established by Smart HR Consulting and HR World

BUSINESS SCHOOL OF HR (BSHR): – the first school where HR is taught to speak and understand the language of business and meet its requirements. – has 3 levels Basic, Advanced and Innovative, covering 4 modules each. START DATE: March 27th – first module Each module lasts for 2 and a half days


In challenging times, one of the most successful ways to develop the company is to hire and retain high performing employees. HR Department as one of the most important units of any company, has to take care and constantly develop and invest in its most valuable assets.

In order to manage people successfully, ensuring the high performace of the company effectiveness, HR employees need to have specific knowledge, expertise and skills.

HR Manager is one of the top 5 professions from the Forbes list in the world!

has been established as the need to help HR community and all the companies that has HR Department. The aim of this school is to transfer the knowledge to all HR people about the activities, resposibilities and skills they need to have in order to work in small or big corporporations, no matter if they are local or international ones.

The lecturers are the most reputable and successful HR Directors/Managers in the market. They are all gathered around the same goal , which is to help HR employees perform their jobs in the way they are expected by the top management. By having the full knowledge of their roles and having the required expertise,  HR will eventually become strategic partner to business.

Concept of    can satisfy the needs of:

*HR professionals who would like to excel in a particular segment of HR

*HR specialists who would like to become experts in their field of work by learning from the best

*HR generalists who would like to become specialists for particular segment in HR

*Junior HR staff

*Anyone who would like to start the career in HR

has 3 levels: Basic – Advanced – Innovative

Each level has 3 modules – each module consists of 4 lectures i.e. 80 hrs of lecturing and 20 hrs of practice.

Lectures are based on theory, but more on practice, which is the main difference between Business School of HR and other schools and education for HR people. The knowledge participants will get from the lecturers can be immediately used and applied at work.

Lectures are held every second weekend on Fridays (16h-20h), Saturdays and Sundays (9h-17h).

For more information visit  EVEL – UPIS U TOKU – P


The first module starts on Friday 27th March at 16h.

The lectures will be held in Šumatovačka 8 in the premises of Smart Urbanique Consulting (

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