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Foreign Investors Council
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Member News

13. May 2016.

Crédit Agricole Bank Introduces Prêt à piloter – Client-managed Loan

Crédit Agricole Bank Srbija will during its traditional appearance at the 83rd International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, in addition to METEO service connected with electronic and mobile banking, introduce a new loan product the client can manage according to their current needs and abilities.

At the 83rd International Agricultural Fair, Crédit Agricole bank introduces Prêt à piloter - investment loan, which the client manages himself, and is intended for the purchase of agricultural land, machinery, equipment, irrigation systems, office buildings and other fixed assets required for agricultural production. Client-managed loan enables clients to annually adjust the repayment plan in accordance with the development plans of their agribusiness so they can: reduce or increase the installment up to 30%, pause the payment of one or more installments in a total duration of 12 months and prolong or shorten the maturity of the loan.

"The goal of Crédit Agricole bank is to provide clients with a modern and personalized access to financing. With Prêt à piloter loan the client can easily adjust their financial obligations in accordance with their agribusiness development plans, changes in the market and their profit which is cyclical and quite specific in primary agricultural production," said Marija Marić-Mitrović, Member of the Executive Board and Head of Corporate and Agriculture Division at Crédit Agricole bank Srbija.

Utilizing the advanced version of electronic and mobile banking clients are provided with the possibility of using METEO service that ensures timely information on the micro-meteorological conditions which provide grounds for simpler and easier choices of using adequate agricultural measures with the aim of higher savings, higher yields and greater profits.

As in previous years, Crédit Agricole Srbija has prepared competitive financing terms and conditions for procurement of agricultural machinery, while the preliminary approval of the loan is granted to the interested client in less than 24 hours.

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For more information:

Raško Tomašević

Sanja Švonja

064/ 83 63 365

Crédit Agricole banka Srbija je članica Crédit Agricole grupe, vodećeg partnera francuske ekonomije i jedne od najvećih bankarskih grupacija u Evropi. Crédit Agricole je vodeća banka za poslovanje sa stanovništvom u Evropi, prva u asset menadžementu, prva u osiguranju i treća u projektnom finansiranju. Izgrađena na snažnim korenima kooperative, sa svojih 140.000 zaposlenih i 31.500 rukovodilaca u lokalnim i regionalnim bankama, Crédit Agricole grupa je odgovorna i responzivna banka koja uslužuje svojih 50 miliona klijenata, 8.2 miliona zajedničkih akcionara i 1.1 milion pojedinačnih akcionara. Zahvaljujući modelu univerzalnog bankarstva fokusiranog na klijenta, koji se zasniva na saradnji između banaka za poslovanje sa stanovništvom  i poslovnih linija, Crédit Agricole grupa je vodeći partner u podržavanju klijenata u njihovim projektima u svim oblastima poslovanja sa stanovništvom kroz specijalizovane poslovne linije: dnevno poslovanje, štednja, stambeni i potrošački krediti, osiguranje, privatno bankarstvo, asset menadžment, lizing i faktoring i koroporativno i investiciono bankarstvo.Cédit Agricole se takođe ističe po svojoj dinamičnoj i inovativnoj politici društveno odgovornog poslovanja za dobrobit privrede. Ova politika zasnovana je na pragmatičnom pristupu koji je prožet kroz celu grupu i angažuje svakog zaposlenog.



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