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Foreign Investors Council
47, Gospodar Jevremova Street, IV Floor, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 3281 958, 3281 965
e-mail: office@fic.org.rs


FIC Recommends

31. January 2019.

Herukas’ Happy, Healthy and Harmonious Workplace Training

Heruka Lifescience & Health Innovations is an Independent Consultancy led by Dr. Zoran M Pavlovic, a board-certified, licensed Psychiatrist and experienced professional in the field of Pharmaceutical, Corporate and Individual Wellness consulting. Dr Pavlovic is also a certified Rational Emotional Behavioral (REBT) Psychotherapist from Albert Ellis Institute in New York, a certified Coach by the European Coaching Association, and recently has successfully completed Mindfulness Tools Course at the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts, US. Being a Line Manager and leading a team of Clinicians in the European region within a Global Clinical Research Organization during his 4-year tenure in Germany, Dr. Pavlovic became very proficient in understanding the requirements and challenges that all contemporary Leaders are facing in their daily activities, which enables him to take appropriate perspective when training current and future Leaders. In addition to running unique holistic Leadership Programs, Dr. Pavlovic also trains HR Professionals and HR Partners in creation of workplace policies related to Mental Health Promotion at Workplace. In his original 3-H (Healthy, Happy & Harmonious) Corporate and Individual Wellness Coaching Programs, Dr Pavlovic uses his empathic, compassionate, insightful and engaging approach to train Leaders, HR Professionals and Employees in applying various self-management techniques, so they can lead more productive, efficient, balanced and fulfilling lives. Heruka Lifescience and Health Innovations together with its External Consultants from reputable international academic institutions is organizing, upon Client’s request, regular workshops on creating and developing 3H-Happy, Healthy and Harmonious Workplaces for Leaders, HR Professionals and Employees. The customized training agenda is created flexibly according to specific Corporate needs and wants and consists of a hybrid training with 2-day (16 training hours) Workshop on 3H Workplaces concept followed by four weekly training sessions (90 min. per session) and between-session homework assignments of Modified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training. The whole training can take place either on or off the Corporate site based on Clients’ preference. Date: Upon Clients’ Request Venue: Based on Clients’ needs and wants



-          Customized holistic Group or Individual Training for Senior, Mid, Front-Line and Future Leaders

-          Mental Health Promotion at Workplace

-          Modified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training

-          Psychological Resilience Enhancement Training

-          Conflict and Anger Management Training

-          Training for HR Professionals on creation of Workplace Policies related to Mental Health Promotion




-          Leaders who are concerned about the present and future of their workforce well-being

-          Leaders who seek innovative solutions to complex problems related to corporate wellness

-          Leaders who want to help shape a more unified world with sustainable, healthy, happy and harmonious working environments

-          Leaders who are interested in advancing their leadership skills for the new age and learn practical solutions about how to efficiently embed them in existing corporate cultures

-          HR Professionals and HR Partners responsible for a creation and implementation of workplace policies related to Mental Health Promotion

-          All other Employees who would like to increase their Psychological Resilience, decrease their daily stress levels, prevent Burnout Syndrome, minimize anxiety, improve work performance and work-life balance, and learn skills necessary for efficient conflict resolution and anger management


Our Leadership training is designed to build and enhance Leadership Skills by using Herukas’ unique “All Sizes Fit One” method which provides Leadership Style Training that matches Leaders’ Personality Traits. Furthermore, simultaneously our training increases Leaders’ awareness of his/her dysfunctional behaviors and transforms them into Leadership assets.

Our second program addresses Workplace Mental Health Promotion and provides Stress Management training which results in a significant decrease in Employees’ Absenteeism and Presenteeism, improves their Mental Health and enables them to be more productive, efficient, satisfied with their job, while leading a more balanced and fulfilled personal life.

Our third program trains HR Professionals and HR Partners to create long-term corporate policies and guidelines on Mental Health Promotion at Workplace which underpins Healthy, Happy and Harmonious Workplace Cultures.

Finally, all our clients could also benefit from Herukas’ 4-STEP Pro Bono Strategic Leadership consulting which encompasses consulting services aiming to identify the type of Leadership Training which would be of the utmost priority in developing a Successful, Charismatic and Collaborative Leader.

Members of the Foreign Investors Council in Serbia will receive a Pro Bono (for free) 4-STEP Strategical Leadership Consultation.

If you are interested in our Pro Bono Strategic Leadership consultation or you would like to find out more about a variety of our Workplace Wellness trainings, please send your request via e-mail to heruka.innovations@gmail.com.

To learn more about Heruka’s 3H Corporate Wellness Trainings and our 4-STEP Pro Bono Leadership Strategic Consultation, visit our website  at herukahealthinnovations.com or contact us by e-mail at contact@herukahealthinnovations.com or heruka.innovations@gmail.com. You may also get in touch directly with Dr Zoran M Pavlovic at +381(0) 606366993. We look forward helping you in creating your unique Happy, Healthy and Harmonious Workplace.




Annual Report

Annual Report
We present the Annual Report which provides key information on FIC activities during the year.

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WB Essentials
We present you “The White Book Essentials” – an executive summary of the White Book edition for 2019.

White Book

White Book
Published yearly since 2003, goal of the White Book is to enable removing unneeded barriers and make doing business in Serbia easier, thus enabling better inflow of investments. It is promoted every year in the fourth quarter at the prestigious high-level event.

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fic guide
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