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Foreign Investors Council
47, Gospodar Jevremova Street, IV Floor, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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20. October 2017.

2017 SEE NPL Forum

The 2017 SEE NPL Forum will be held on 20 October 2017, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade.


With the amount of NPL portfolio sales increasing, the SEE NPL market has been gaining momentum. The rising number of lenders considering portfolio disposals and the growing amount of international distressed asset investors actively considering SEE perspectives has served as a catalyst for the development of the regional NPL market, and although authorities and regulators across the region have prioritized the establishment of NPL resolution strategies, there still remains much to be done to remove the remaining impediments, putting talk into action!


-       How have the measures taken in the countries around the region affected the NPL market?

-       What is the deal outlook going forward?

-       Will the region offer multi-country portfolios and is it too early for the development of secondary markets?

-       How should lenders manage risk and assess pricing?

-       What tools are available to give them the ability to effectively take control of and ease the transaction process?

-       How are confidentiality obligations such as banking secrecy and data protection handled?

-       How can the selection process of highly credible and reputable buyers be improved?

-       What can regulators do to further facilitate NPL market development?

-       What specific actions should lenders take to engage potential investors?

-       What types of returns are institutional investors looking for?

-       Are investors more interested in secured or unsecured portfolios and what types of tax incentives are available to stimulate interest?

-       How to inadequate in-court asset appraisals affect the valuation process?

-       How interested are real estate or hedge funds in investing in the regional NPL market?

-       How much do factors such as real estate market liquidity, efficiency of foreclosure and the enforcement process influence pricing and collection?

-       How does the regulatory environment affect the recovery process?

-       What turnaround and restructuring incentives are available for turnaround and restructuring?

-       What role does the judiciary play in the prevention of NPLs and the enforcement of such claims?

-       How can proper enforcement contribute to increasing recovery rates and what role does ineffective judicial actions and insufficient in-court auction sales play in the overall development of the market?

-       How can out-of-court restructuring help accelerate the process and what are the main obstacles to using it and what could help in proliferating their use?


The event will be attended by delegates from key international financial institutions (IFIs), international organizations, public authorities, investment banks, potential investors, advisory services, work-out professionals, commercial banks, legal experts and local regulators.


This event is a unique opportunity to connect with the leading regulators, banking professionals, investors and appraisers’ active in NPL sales and acquisitions and to help raise awareness of this very important issue in SEE. The event will offer the opportunity to engage with the audience through an informative program of speakers and will facilitate a constructive dialogue amongst all the relevant stakeholders and help streamline activities for the resolution of the NPL issue in SEE.

Members of the Foreign Investors Council in Serbia will receive an 20% discount on the standard participation fee. To register fill out the registration form (http://seenplforum.com/registration/) and insert the FIC member promotional code #17SEENPLF@FIC


Hyatt Regency Hotel Belgrade 


20 October 2017

To register, fill out the registration form (http://seenplforum.com/registration/) and insert the FIC member promotional code #17SEENPLF@FIC to receive your FIC discount


To learn more about the Forum, please visit www.seenplforum.com or contact the New Angles Consulting at +381 11 409 0532 or office@seenplforum.com.



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